New Rumor Suggests Size Change for 7th Gen iPad

After reports last week suggested minimal changes to the 2019 entry level iPad, a tweet by previously accurate leaker CoinX suggests there may be changes after all.

According to the Tweet posted Wednesday:

A 10.2-inch “entry level” iPad would align with much earlier rumors about the anticipated 2019 product. A 10.2-inch screen could fit in the current 9.7-inch body, meaning slimmed down bezels without a physical redesign.

What is less clear is whether the current 9.7-inch model would stick around for educational markets, and what “but not at the same time” is meant to imply.

It seems unlikely that Apple would release non-pro model iPads at varying times throughout the year, and currently, the 10.5-inch slot is taken by the 2017 iPad Pro.

In the past, CoinX accurately predicted the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr names, as well as some details about the 2018 iPad Pro models. In this case, it’s possible that they are correct once again, but it’s equally possible that there is some confusion about which products are in which line ups.

A possible alternative is a reduction in the price of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, allowing the Pro line-up to cover a wider range of price points. It is also possible that a 10.5-inch, non-Pro model is coming, and the 10.2-inch device is a smaller Pro model. Either would allow both the entry-level and professional line-ups to expand to another size option.

In addition, rumors continue to come out suggesting an updated iPad mini in 2019. Offering a trio of both high-end Pro and lower-cost non-Pro devices would allow Apple to hit a huge range of sizes and use cases in both configurations.

Expectations are that Apple will introduce new iPads at their event on March 25. WWDC 2019 could also serve as a possible platform for new hardware. Additionally, a fall event could feature an annual update to the iPad Pro.

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from Ian Fuchs – MacTrast