Ian Fuchs   :   [ee-n   f-ew-k-s]

IT Systems Administrator, Independent Podcaster, Tech Reviewer/Writer for, and Freelance Digital Content Creator (websites, videos, etc.).

If you’re interested in technology, please feel free to take a listen to either of my podcasts, and if you’re looking for examples of my creative work, take some time to peruse my portfolio. You can also get in touch by leaving a comment heretweeting at me, or sending me an email.


A brief biography of Ian Fuchs’ media experience.

I finished my college education at Waldorf College, in Forest City, Iowa in the summer of 2009. Aspiring to be a video producer/editor or a web developer/graphic designer, I have worked with many different individuals on a variety of projects to gain a diverse and vast range of experience. I have been a part of a variety of video production projects, and also worked as an radio production intern at 3-Eagles Communications of Mason City and the production director of KZOW (Waldorf’s own student-run radio station). Formerly acting as the station manager for WAL-TV at Waldorf, I found myself actively helping others on editing in Final Cut Pro and Avid Composer, as well as establishing myself as a strong leader and mentor for others.

In my professional experience, I have worked as a production assistant at KAAL (ABC 6 – Austin, MN), where I began to learn about content management systems and television motion graphics.  Shortly after leaving KAAL, I took a job at Waldorf College (my Alma Mater) as the media specialist.  Working at Waldorf, I have helped to introduce video/audio streaming for Waldorf events and for Waldorf’s TV and radio stations.  I also implemented the use of iTunes University for the college, which has become a major platform for us to share podcasts of events – and will soon be a method for distributing course lectures and materials.  I have also worked on multiple corporate video pieces as a Waldorf employee, guiding the projects from a concept to a finalized product.  I have found that learning is a part of any job, and that anything can be accomplished with the right people involved and the right ideas on the table.

For information about projects I have worked on, and positions I’ve held, view my Resume [here].

Also, I have a collection of work I’ve done in multiple facets of the industry in my portfolio, which can be viewed [here].

Feel free to contact me through any of the methods listed on my contact page, and again, thanks for checking out my online portfolio.