Interface: 39. Face Down on a Table

So we missed — PING — our projected sales for — BZZZ BZZZ — the fifth quarter in a row. I know — PING PING — that you’ve been — ZIP POW — leading that division — BEEP BEEP — as best you can but — RING RING, RING RING — are you going to get that? Hello? Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. I told him no. He had it yesterday! Yes, he did. No. Okay, see you tonight. Sorry, kids, you know? Sure. So, like I was saying — BZZZ BZZZ — you’re a great leader — PING — and you’ve been in charge of — WHISTLE BUZZ — a lot of great projects over the years — BOOP BOOP — but with the division’s recent — ZINGO ZANGO ZAMBO — performance I’m afraid — BZZZ BZZZ — we have — PING — to let — RING RING. No, I told you, he got it yesterday! No! Sorry. Continue. We have to — POW — let you go. BLAMMO!