Interface: 10. A Piece of Garbage Strapped To My Wrist

Today on Interface, a special guest host: Chase Meusel! We sit down and have a conversation about the nerdiest accessories you can get this season. Do you need a $500 wrist mounted computer that reminds you stand up once an hour? Get your sweet reviews here! I should probably type the word “wearable” here so you can find it later with search.

  1. Apple Watch > Rolex
  2. Apple Watch made more money than Rolex
  3. Withings Activité
  4. UsTwo modular smartwatch interface
  5. UsTwo Face Maker
  6. Wired article on the Disney MagicBand
  7. Push for Pizza
  8. Devices that let you do more (scroll to #3)
  9. A history of wearables, from the Bronze Age to today
  10. Pictures under glass
  11. Sweethearting
  12. Matt Webb’s Glancing, a thing about presence
  13. Chronos
  14. Best smartwatch ever